Message from the Pastor

Rev. Sundar SamuelS

Dear Members and Friends,

It is hard believe the summer of 2019 is almost behind us. I trust you and yours had some wonderful times!

Now is the time that the children get back to school and adults once more get used to living lives based on our children’s schedules. Well, those of you who have already passed that stage in life and have a little more time to yourself, I hope you are involved in church and other activities to nurture your lives, making new friends, building on old friendships and using your gifts and graces in building the kingdom of God through your church and its activities.

As I look at my Lay Leadership roster, I see a few vacancies to fill for our 2020 boards and committees, so that the First United Methodist Church of East Greenbush will grow numerically and spiritually accomplishing what God has called us to do.

The church is actively looking forward to hiring a new Coordinator of Christian Education for Children and Youth in the next few months. I covet your prayers that we be give wisdom and grace to choose that individual who will lead us forward in building and growing our Christian Education programs.

I am looking forward in meeting each one you on September 8, 2019, our Rally Day! Great programs are awaiting children, youth and adults of all ages. Fabulous musical anthems by our Sanctuary Choir and Bell Choir presentations, meaningful and Christ centered worship services are only a few weeks away. I hope you will give yourself some time away from the urgent things in your lives and be here on Sunday to worship, nurturing your souls and receiving joy from fellowship with your church family friends.

I just want to share a thought about Sunday. What is Sunday really about for us Christians? How can we fill it with the kind of things that really matter to God? The challenge for Christians is to come to an understanding of Sunday as full rather than empty. This is not the kind of fullness that comes with our usual hectic sense of busyness. Sunday should be about the fullness of things that matter to God.

What if, instead of cramming Sunday as full of busyness as the other six days of the week, Sunday were a day we lived fully in the spirit of being set free by Jesus? Jesus sets us free to participate in Godís healing of creation, to live each Sunday with an eschatological view. Jesus invites all of us to join with him in celebrating our freedom by living into Godís mighty acts of healing wherever we may be.

Maybe that means befriending someone who is homeless and hungry, or caring for creation in our local community, or mentoring a child with very challenging circumstances at home. When we live into God’s healing work in the world, then we are fully alive as children of God.

Friends, Sunday invites us to join a much bigger story about the way of God’s way of healing in the world. When we join in God’s way of healing, we are living in the freedom God gives us to live as God’s children in the world.

I hope to see you all on Rally Day and worship with you and yours.
God’s blessings are upon you and yours.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Sundar