Church Staff

Pastoral Team

Rev. Sundar R. Samuel Pastor
Gail Welkley Administrative Assistant
Beth Berkun Lay Leader
Jacqueline Krahforst Organist
Bruce Wagner Choir Director
Cynthia Reineke Coordinator of EmBELLishments & Children's Music Program
Heidi Gran Director of Children's Christian Education
Nick Morrow Youth Leader
Zarina Khan Child Care Provider
Chris Chartrand Custodian
Cate Strebing Peer Minister
Cornerstone Protestant Campus Ministry
The University at Albany



Her name is Cate Strebing. She is one of the student leaders of Cornerstone, the Protestant Campus Ministry at The University at Albany and you will also see her name on the staff listing in our Sunday morning worship bulletin. Here is her bio information from the Cornerstone website.

“Hi! My name is Cate, and I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. I am a senior studying social welfare with a minor in psychology. I am an outreach coordinator at Cornerstone, which I have been involved with for a year. Through Cornerstone, I have met amazing people and have gained lifelong friends. I have also been able to be a part of many amazing service and volunteer opportunities, which have been not only fun, enjoyable, and educational, but also beneficial to my academic success and spiritual development. Cornerstone is a wonderful way to gain a presence in Albany as well as on campus. Hope to see you at worship!”

Cate Strebing, Outreach Coordinator,