Your Wedding at First United Methodist Church of East Greenbush

Wedding Invitation with two rings

This is to help you in planning your wedding by answering questions which often arise. Additional guidance is available by simply asking the pastor.

DATE: You should discuss the date and hour of the rehearsal and wedding with the pastor as soon as possible. The pastor will reserve the dates in the Church's appointment book.
PLACE: The Church sanctuary seats 250 people. It is equipped with a pipe organ.
MUSIC: The regular Church Organist will ordinarily play the organ. The organist has a program of traditional music available and will be glad to consult with you to arrange the wedding program according to your tastes. If a substitute organist is requested and given permission to play at your wedding, that person will be responsible for the proper use and care of the organ. If you would like a soloist, this can also be arranged through the regular Church Organist, who has a listing of the suitable music selections available. Music arrangements should be made with the Church Organist as soon as the wedding date has been set by the pastor and you.
FEES: It is customary for the bridal party to pay modest fees to the individuals involved in the wedding service. A small fee is also charged for the use of the sanctuary by persons who are not members of the East Greenbush United Methodist Church.