Study Groups

  • Monday   6:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday   9:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday
    Roosters  8:30 a.m.
  • Fridays
    Meditations for Moms
    9:15 - 10:30 a.m.

e-mail about Worship Service
A brief note about the coming Sunday morning worship service is e-mailed each Friday/Saturday to all interested. Contact the church office if you would like to have your name added to that list.

Roosters Looking For A Few New Crowers

Feeling like your week could use a good kick start? Want to put God first so that the rest of the week flows better?  Well, if you answered yes to any, some, or all of these, you might just want to join the Roosters group Wednesday's at 8:30am.  You are invited to participate and work through your week in fellowship with God..

Meditations for Moms

If you are looking for some time away from all the demands of motherhood and a chance to focus on God with other moms, you are welcome to join any date that works for you. Please contact Rachel Giso with any question at or 766-0421.


Sunday Worship Services
8:30 a.m. Early Service
(Outdoor chapel weather permitting)
9:30 a.m. Worship Service
Nursery care is provided during 9:30 service.

Worship at FUMC for December

December, and the Christmas season begins as we move on past the Thanksgiving holiday. We start a new church year with the first Sunday in Advent on December 3. If you follow the lectionary, this is the day to switch to the readings for Year B. On each of the four Sundays of the Advent season, we will light an additional candle on the Advent wreath. Then it’s Christmas, and then Watch Night and the start of a new year, 2018. One of the special times of worship in December will be our Blue Christmas service on Wednesday, December 20. Invite your friends and neighbors who may find this service helpful during the holiday season. See page 3 for more information about this service. The complete listing of worship activities for the month is on pages 6 and 7. If you are looking for different way to start thinking about the Christmas holiday, try the YouTube presentation at It’s a video clip, dated in approach and quality, from the Amos ‘n’ Andy Christmas Show of December 1952. Early services will be held only the first 3 Sundays of December.

The Menorah, dreidels and latkes are words you will hear in the households of our Jewish neighbors as they begin the celebration of Hanukkah or the Festival of Lights starting December 12. Also this month, from December 26 to January 1, Kwanzaa will be celebrated to honor African heritage in African-American culture. The newest of the three celebrations in December, Kwanzaa began in 1966. Pastor Sundar will be in the pulpit each of the Sundays in December..

December 3 – 1st Sunday of Advent
8:30 am – Early Worship with Holy Communion – “…Let Him Into Your Celebration?”
9:30 am – Morning Worship with Holy Communion – “Be Present”

December 4 – Advent Peace Vigil 6:00 pm – Outdoor Chapel

December 10– 2nd Sunday of Advent
8:30 am – Early Worship – “…Let Him Into Your Gift Giving?”
9:30 am – Morning Worship – “Send Peace”

December 11 – Advent Peace Vigil 6:00pm – Outdoor Chapel

December 17 – 3rd Sunday of Advent
8:30 am – Early Worship – “…Let Him Into Your Christmas?”
9:30am – Morning Worship – “Share Joy”

December 18 – Advent Peace Vigil 6:00pm – Outdoor Chapel

December 20 - 7:00 pm Blue Christmas Service

December 24 – 4th Sunday of Advent
9:30 am – Morning Worship – “Wrap in Love”
5:00 pm – Family Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
7:00 pm – Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service – “The Inner Galaxy”
9:00 pm – Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service – “What About the Baby?”
11:00 pm – Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service with Holy Communion

December 31 – 1st Sunday after Christmas Day
(NO Early Worship)
9:30 am – Morning Worship – “God Makes All Things New”
11:00 pm – New Year’s Eve Watch Night Service

January 7 – Epiphany Sunday
8:30 am – Early Worship with Holy Communion
9:30 am – Morning Worship with Holy Communion

Come, join us for worship. Invite a friend. Stay for coffee hour following the 9:30 service and be part of our time of fellowship.

Sacrament of Communion

communion table

The Sacrament of Communion is celebrated the 1st Sunday of each month. Our tradition is open communion, which means that all who are present are invited to receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.


Please call the church office at 477-9693 to schedule an appointment with the pastor.