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FUMC Facebook Page Policy

The Tech Committee encourages church ministries to share pictures and posts about their ministries.  For example, groups are encouraged to post about upcoming events so that it can be shared with the wider community.  The posts about Trunk and Treat and Brooks BBQ were both shared widely and reached people outside, not just the members of our Facebook group.

The Tech Committee encourages church groups to share pictures of events.  Examples include Sunday school or Youth events like delivering items to the homeless shelter and Change the World or other mission projects.  We love seeing our ministries in action!

Personal posts not related to church should be shared on the person’s own Facebook page, not the Church’s page.

Hate Speech

The congregation of FUMC believes that God calls the church, as body of Christ, to engage in different platforms of social media, interrupt hate speech, and defend those who are bullied. Therefore, there will be zero tolerance policy for all forms of speech against religious and social minorities, ethnicities, all races, different genders and gender identities, and different sexual orientations.  Any such speech will be removed from the church’s Facebook page and group and the user will be blocked. 


Fundraising or collections posts should only be for church sponsored collections or fundraising.  Examples include fundraising for Sunday School or Youth group activities (waffle breakfast, Super Bowl Sub Sunday) or collections for church mission projects like Red Bird Boxes.

Posts asking for money for outside activities, even though they can be for good causes, should not be on the church Facebook group.