Sunday School

The children of our church are called to know and share God’s unconditional Love.

In our Sunday school and youth programs, we seek to help our children and youth develop and practice Christian values and faith in their lives, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ through activities and outreach.

Our Sunday School Strives To:

To make each child feel welcomed and loved.

To give each child the opportunity to learn about God at their own pace.

To celebrate each child’s uniqueness and individuality.

About Sunday School

Happy Spring!! We are excited to announce we will be coming back together. We also have a few changes!

We will meet SUNDAYS May 2 & May 23 for Sunday Afternoon Live from 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM for all ages. We will be splitting the grades into two groups: Preschool – 5th grades  and 6th -12th grades . Both will be socially distanced and masks are required. We ask families to stay for the service. 

For more information about Sunday School, pleaseemail: