Calendar of Events


3/24/19 at 10:45 a.m. Eco-Fair with displays for Gardening, Perils of Plastic Bags, Solar Energy Options, Composting, Styrofoam, Speaking out for the environment) and more.

Lenten Worship and Luncheons

Theme: Embracing the Uncertain
by Magrey R. deVega

Worship services begin at 12:05 PM in the Sanctuary, with lunch to follow in the Fellowship Hall. All the services and luncheons will be held at First United Methodist Church, located at 1 Gilligan Road, East Greenbush, NY 12061. For more information, call the church office at 518-477-9693.

Week Lenten Worship Service Lunch Provided By
3/13/19 "The Desperate Father and the Uncertainty of Faith"
Rev. David Jones
Pastor, Greenbush Reformed Church
Church of the Holy Spirit
3/20/19 "Lazarus and the Uncertainty of Morality"
Rev. Barbara Toll
Pastor, Community Congregational Church of Clinton Heights, UCC
First United Methodist Church
3/27/19 "Peter and the Uncertainty of Forgiveness"
Rev. Sundar Samuel
Pastor, First United Methodist Church
Church of St. Mary
4/3/19 "Zacchaeus and the Uncertainty of Obedience"
Fr. Tom Konopka
Pastor and Deacon Al Censullo, Church of St. Mary
Greenbush Reformed Church
4/10/19 "The Crowd and the Uncertainty of Worry"
Deacon Bill Dringus
Church of the Holy Spirit
Community Congregational Church of Clinton Heights, UCC