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Message from the Pastor

Pastor Danyal Mohammadzadeh

His very last name!
“I’m Danyal. What’s your name?” and the relationship begins as soon as the person responds. In the next move, I will save her/his name in my cellphone. Then, I will be able to call him when I need her/his help. Knowing people begins with learning their names. Knowing people’s name opens a new chapter in our lives. It can lead us to redemption or damnation. It depends on the name that we call.

When he was born, the world touched the presence of God. It made the world very excited. The world shouted God Is With Us. And so the world called him: Emmanuel. Emmanuel means God is with us.

When he was walking on the earth, the world saw a shining light in the horizon. It made the world very excited. The world shouted God Is Salvation. And so the world called him: Jesus. Jesus means God is salvation.

When he was healing wounds and pains, the world saw a savior. It made the world very excited. The world shouted Save Us Now. And so the world called him: Hosanna. Hosanna means save us now.

When he was resurrected, the world found itself in Him and Him in itself. It made the world very excited. The world did not only shout His name this time but received Him as well. First, God became flash. Then, His Body became the Bread of Life and His blood became the sign of a new covenant: The Covenant of Love. It made the world very excited. The world shouted Means of Grace. And so the world called him: Holy
Communion. Holy Communion is one of the means of grace. Baptism is the other one.

Jesus was called with many names. However, Holy Communion was the most recent name for Jesus. Holy Communion is his very last name. First time, he called himself with this name at the table of the Last Supper.

This very last name contains the other names too. Emmanuel, Hosanna, and Jesus all are summed in Holy Communion. Indeed, Holy Communion is the presence of God or God is with us or Emmanuel. And it is Hosanna for Holy Communion saves us. And finally Holy Communion is Jesus for communion leads to salvation.

He wants to be remembered by this very last name, Holy Communion. “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me,” Jesus said at the table of the Last Supper. It’s not a surprise then, that Jesus reenacts communion, a shared meal, there on the shore of the Sea of Galilee even after his resurrection. His friends found him on a beach. “Come and have breakfast,” he bids them. He breaks bread and stretches out his hands. Holy Communion replaces estrangement with community: a community of God and creation, of Jesus and his friends, of Jesus and his names. And in remembrance of Him, and to feel God’s presence and God’s redemptive action in our lives, we will gather on Easter Sunday and we will break bread together.

Pastor Danyal