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United Methodist Women

United Methodist Cross and flame surrounded by a purple border. Symbol for United Methodist WomenTo all the women of the church:

The United Methodist Women wish to extend an invitation to all women of the church to become part of our unit and join us for our monthly meetings. Meetings are usually on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. We would like to see more women attend these meetings and take part in projects, then we would be assured of having an active group with continued support. We do appreciate all the help for dinners and the Thrift Sale, and we need more ladies to come to meetings and help plan events. We do realize that many women are active teaching Sunday School and we would hope that meeting with other women of the church once a month might also be put on their calendar. The UMW hosts the Thrift Sale twice a year and a chicken BBQ to earn money to support our district pledge, other programs in our church, and for community outreach. Some of our missions have included: giving scholarships to children to go to summer camp, giving money to the Trustees to go towards the kitchen upgrade, sending items and gift cards to Schoharie for flood relief, maintaining all the supplies for the kitchen, catering receptions for funerals, and giving monetary gifts to 10 local charities at the end of each year. We also give money to the Clove Run, which sponsors the Anchor. We also do Blanket Sunday. For our spiritual growth we have a Sunshine person that sends cards, a prayer tower and an Emergency Neighborhood committee. As you can see we are diverse in our activities and would love to have you join us.

The East Greenbush United Methodist Women support local missions, as well as, global missions.

Global Missions:

  • Church Women United (an organization of ecumenical women)
  • Church World Services – Blanket Sunday ($10.00 buys a blanket for disaster areas of the world)
  • World Thank Offering and Prayer and Self-Denial are global programs that the Women’s Division support.


Local missions:

  • Nursing home services
  • Sunshine Cards (Prayer cards for the member of the church who need a lift)
  • our Memorial Library
  • United Methodist Reading Program (Reads 5 books in 5 different categories)
  • Anchor
  • ConsernsU
  • TUAM
  • Unity House
  • Joesph House
  • Damian Center
  • Sunny Side Camp
  • Our Youth

The United Methodist Women mission is to reach out to women, children and youth. Our unit has helped Girls Scouts, youth members to special spiritual events, and delegates to Summer Learning Fellowship,( a mission school sponsored by the Conference, the three areas of study are regional, Bible Study and social issue related). This unit has also supported different areas in our church family. The women meet once a month for fun and fellowship and growth as women.