Change The World

Kate Henson, Keven and Cindy Conley picking up garbage along Columbia TurnpikeHighway Clean-up

A highway clean-up project will be scheduled following the 9:30 service on May 16th. Please wear old clothes and shoes and bring gloves. Trash pickers and bags will be provided. Plans are being finalized, but current thoughts are to cover parts of some roads within a mile of the church.

Cards made for veterans

Thinking of our Veterans

Even though cards and letters are not being accepted as of this writing by the VA Center in Albany due to the Pandemic, we know that they will be accepted soon. If you would like to use your writing skills to thank our valued Veterans and remind them that they are being thought of, we know that the cards and letters will be appreciated. We will store them safely until they can be delivered.

Making a picnic tableSt. Paul’s Center

We will be building a picnic table and bench for St. Paul’s Center in Rensselaer. The date has not been set, but it will likely follow the 9:30 service and will be done in the garage. A small crew, perhaps 2-4 persons, will be sanding, cutting wood and assembling the pieces.

Shelves of foodFood

A drop-off food drive will be held on Sunday, May 16 at the church garage from 9AM to Noon for food pantries and Veterans. Items especially needed include: toiletries, reusable bags, sugar and coffee. Peanut butter, jelly, creamer and jars of spaghetti sauce, all in plastic jars are needed as well.

three folded crocheted blanketsComfort Blankets

Comfort Blankets for Albany Medical Center A need not being met for Albany Med right now is Comfort Blankets/Afghans for patients who are dying. These are given to the families after the patient’s passing. They can be knitted, crocheted or quilted but must be at least 4 ft x 4 ft. They can be larger but not smaller. Your project can be left in the bin at the church during the month of May. We can help!! Make Comfort Blankets!!

rocks with Love Joy and Miricles written on themKindness Rocks

Our Youth will be putting their creative skills to use painting Kindness Rocks to be placed around the community, as well as creating art work for nursing home residents. Additional projects are also being considered. Our project coordinators include Carrie Larson, Kevin Conley, Lorraine Beals, Aleta Schweigert and Amanda Telford.

marigolds and american flags in flower potsNursing Home Residents

We will be preparing potted plants for nursing home residents. Even in a COVID world, April showers bring May flowers and that tradition continues. Volunteers are needed to help pot 120 marigolds and zinnias on either Tuesday, May 11 or Wednesday, May 12 which will be delivered to The Rosewood Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility on Saturday, May 22nd. Individual pots need decorations, so
volunteers will both pot and decorate the potted plants (no art majors needed). In June, staff and residents plant the marigolds and zinnias in Gardens outside resident windows. We are not sure if we will be able to deliver our gifts to residents in person due to COVID but people will know that we, at the First United Methodist Church of East Greenbush, are thinking of them and sending them love.

Red Bird Mission


Red Bird Mission

We will also be participating in the Red Bird Mission Shoebox Project for needy families in Kentucky. Personal hygiene items for adults and children are placed in shoeboxes and delivered to those in need. The Red Bird Mission and Clinic in Beverly, Ky., has provided ministries in the Appalachian Mountains region since 1921. Today, the need remains critical in this isolated, rural, distressed area. Chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and rugged mountainous terrain provide obstacles to a fuller life for the residents of this area. Shoeboxes and lists of needed items will be provided.

List of Needed Items

monarch butterfly on an orange and yellow zinniaPlant Zinnias!!

The Monarch Butterfly is undoubtedly one of God’s most exquisite creatures. Unfortunately, they may be headed to extinction. Each year four generations of Monarch butterflies make the journey 2,000 miles north from Mexico through Texas and Oklahoma into the Midwest and Northeast of the U.S. The last generation returns to Mexico in the fall. According to a Cornell study using data collected by the World Wildlife Fund and others, one important reason for the recent decline of Monarch butterflies in the U.S. is “sparse autumnal nectar sources”. (Another important factor is pesticide use.) It appears that milkweed, the only plant these butterflies use for reproduction, is mostly readily available. But the flower sources for the adults’ trip back south are more scarce. Butterflies and other pollinators love Zinnias. Watch for a packet of Zinnia Seeds in the May Bell. Contact us for seeds if you don’t receive the printed Bell. The seeds are simple to sow. A small 2 or 3 square foot area in your garden or landscape will provide weeks of nectar into the fall. We can help!! We can Plant Zinnias!!